Birla Carbon World Tour 2015!

This quarter, Birla Carbon Specialty Blacks will have a presence at trade shows in Brazil, China, Germany and the U.S., celebrating innovative solutions for plastic and coating applications.

Realm is excited to provide booth design and communication support across all the regions. Birla’s trade show push is an aggressive step toward securing market leadership in a highly competitive space. Each trade show has followed a common cadence that combines pre-show communication, at-show brand presence and post-show marketing. Going at breakneck speed, the Specialty Blacks team is now on their third show in just two months.

We at Realm are rooting for our client! Keep it up… just one more show and we can take a break. For a month. Then back on the road again.


About Birla Carbon Specialty Blacks

Specialty blacks are used in a variety of applications in plastics, inks and coatings. In these applications, specialty blacks provide black pigmenting and enhanced properties such as conductivity, viscosity and UV protection.  Birla Carbon Specialty Blacks is a line of business within Birla Carbon,  a wholly owned subsidiary of the Aditya Birla Group.


Birla Carbon Tradeshow Booth 

Birla Carbon Tradeshow Booth

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