Christmas in… February?

We may not work in retail, but there are a surprising number of projects that start at weird times of the year. Holiday marketing is one of them. Right now, we’ve got two holiday projects in the works for two different clients. It takes a bit of channelling to really get in the mood after months of holiday fatigue.

While Christmas in July is a thing, around here, it’s Holidays in February. To have marketing ready to roll out on time our advice is start early.  So here’s a couple of thoughts to help you think about your holiday marketing while the rest of the world is waiting for pool weather.

Shoot today for tomorrow. This takes patience and planning, but we have learned that you WILL want a photo or video clip from the holidays. Typically, you come to that conclusion somewhere around October. Just when you’ll need it, but too early to get it. My advice? Plan next year’s visuals this year and bank them. Photograph everything. Video as much as you can.

Decorate your space. I cannot emphasize enough how surrounding yourself in the season helps get your mind thinking. We go shopping immediately after the holidays to pick up some new stuff to put around the think tank. That, with a healthy hanging of holiday inspiration helps get everybody back into the mood.

Meanwhile, we’re in full-on holiday mood.

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