Melissa’s first website.

Generating energy and excitement around a web launch has certainly become more challenging these days. It’s tricky to really experience the sense of wonder anymore. We’re not yet jaded, but we are absolutely familiar.

So how would it feel if this was our first time, again?

To find out, I went and asked Melissa King, designer and reigning Chili Cook-Off winner from 2015 (go meat!). Melissa was part of the concept and content team, tasked with organizing and curating images and presentation. It was also her first time to work with the team on a project this sweeping. For an international site, the role of curation becomes an arduous and, sometimes, thankless task.

How did it feel? What got you excited, did it go the way you expected?

“In the moment,” Melissa says, ” I was focused on what I had to do, and just working through the steps. But when I was able to take a step back and see the whole thing, it’s pretty amazing.

I’ve worked on front end before, but I’ve never gotten down in the weeds with the back-end development. There is so much that can be done, it’s hard to stop yourself and move on.

Ultimately? It’s surprising to see how it all comes together. I mean, we started with blank pages and piles of information. Then, a month and a half later, we’re pushing out a multi-lingual website that works!”

We find it so valuable to change up the teams, bring in fresh perspective. If nothing else, new team members help excite the rest of the group, clear out the cobwebs and appreciate the the magic of what we do. Thanks, Melissa for being inspirational to us all and keeping us excited.



CRH Canada

The site in question has been developed for CRH Canada a member of CRH PLC and one of Canada’s largest material and construction companies. CRH plc is one of the top-three building material players globally and number two in aggregates. The site is published in two languages on the Sitefinity platform.

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