Leaders: First, lead a life. Then, lead us.

Leaders: First, lead a life. Then, lead us.

The ability to lead others is interesting.

The ability to lead a life worth emulating is fascinating.


The first requires skill. The second requires wisdom.

The first tends to create followers. The second tends to create leaders.

The first is making a living. The second is creating a life.

The first requires consistency. The second requires intention.

The first requires care. The second requires love.

The first can wear on those closest to you. The second is centered around those closest to you.


To be a better leader, lead a better life. We have no shortage of leadership rhetoric; we have a shortage of leadership examples.

Live a life — a whole life — that gives us something to marvel at and to yearn for. 

Show us How to Be before you show us What to Do.


Chuck Allen is a VP Realm responsible for employee engagement and change communications. His extensive background in executive coaching and leadership has lead him to conclusions about life and work. “I work with leaders who want to leave less life on the table and build whole lives worth emulating.”

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