The Queen Bee in Our Midst

Holly Bayendor on a weekend seminar for MABA.

We’ve got lots of reasons to be proud of Holly, but one of the more obscure reasons is her enthusiasm and leadership in beekeeping, here in Atlanta. What started as a casual hobby has slowly grown into a integral edition to her personality, her life and even her marriage (spouses who keep bees together…).

Holly is currently serving as president of the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association (MABA) and was interviewed GSU’s The Signal. The interview is available online, as well as some pics of Holly in all her garb. Bees are a crucial part of Georgia’s agriculture and agritourism industries –  the states top two economic drivers. Which makes beekeeping so important to not just the hobbyists, but all Georgia citizens.

It’s the efforts of people like Holly who not just foster the bee population but work at raising general awareness of the risk factors facing our bee population that help maintain our agricultural heritage and keep Atlanta green, healthy and beautiful.

Well done, Holly! We are very proud.


About Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association

MABA is an organized not-for-profit whose activities include educating school children, beekeepers and the public about honey bees, assisting beekeepers with apiary management and conducting such fund-raising activities as necessary and proper to fund the above activities.


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