Trade Show Nurture: Before, During and After

Trade shows are still one of the mainstays of B2B marketing and are one of the few traditional marketing channels that has seen a rise, in recent years. Our role with UPS is to deliver a memorable experience that draws the  trade show attendees in, reinforces the brand and creates valuable connections within a very noisy environment.

Each trade show follows a common strategic matrix. Our team develops customized drivers like ads, pre-show emails and associated language. Followed quickly by a themed booth which reinforces the message for that particular trade show. And finally, a nurture stream of post show emails that fit the overall mission of UPS and the show’s theme.

At the MRO trade show, we showcased UPS’ expertise and reliability in the aviation/aerospace industry.



The Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE)  is a unique trade show opportunity for online retailers to connect with like-minded peers form across their industry.  As an integral partner with so many online retailers, UPS is expected to have a supportive presence and bring new ideas and solutions to bear for an avid marketplace. For the IRCE, we were able to leverage the latest news, trends as only a logistics giant like UPS can and integrate those messages into the social media communications to help UPS to connect with attendees in a meaningful way.






In support of UPS’s global initiatives, we developed a trade show program for the International Manufacturing Technology Show – one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world. The trade show is a unique opportunity for attendees to gain insight into truly innovative manufacturing techniques ranging from metalworking to, of course, supply chain logistics.

ups_imts_ad_realm_creative ups_imts_booth_graphic_realm_creative


We believe strongly that companies need to properly leverage their trade show investment. That’s why we take a fully-integrated approach to trade show support including the pre-show, at-show and post-show messaging and nurture streams. Attending the show is only a fraction of the overall marketing effort. An effective approach includes e-mail nurture, social media integration, expert speakers, booth draws, show promotion and finally a long-term strategy to capitalize on the connections made at the trade show.















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