3 Marketing Resolutions That Are Already Fading

Still hitting the gym?
How’s the diet going?
And the life balance?
And what about those Marketing resolutions you made?

Sorry. We couldn’t resist. Maybe this will help a little:

Let’s assume you had these resolutions, and that they’re already going the way of the gym and the carbs.
Then let’s figure out what to do about that. 

Let the business strategy dictate the marketing plan 

“It depends.” Most people hate this answer. But when the question is: “What is your marketing strategy?” this is ALWAYS the right answer. Because marketing strategy must be solidly based on your business strategy. Client acquisition? That requires a specific approach. Client retention? A different one. Both? Well, this is tempting, but just know that there must be a primary strategy with some teeth in it. You can’t market all things to all people (unless maybe you’re Amazon).

This is also one time where the question “Who cares?” is a good one. Great marketers should always be asking the business “Who cares?” with an emphasis on the “Who.” Knowing the characteristics of the target market is a necessary first step to designing an effective marketing strategy. 

By the way, this is all common sense and you know that. It just isn’t common practice.

Double down on social 

Easy at home, hard at work. You walk out the door of the building and you’re on your phone, communicating like a raging marketing expert online. So why is it that when you try to engage customers, prospects and employees in new ideas, you’re now having meetings to figure out a social strategy and find it slow to get off the ground?

Mainly because the care-free way we go about social personally doesn’t always work so well professionally. Rather than try to figure this out on your own, either hire an expert social marketer, or maybe better: hire an agency that has been there, done that, and can go away when you’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t. Getting your millennials involved just isn’t the automatic solution here. Getting people who have proven records of engaging results is.

Find an indispensable, affordable agency partner 

One of the main reasons you haven’t done this is because it’s a hassle and it seems expensive. The reality is that it’s more of a hassle and expensive to have amazing work you could be doing and not getting it done because your internal resources are busy on business-as-usual stuff, or simply have a hard time generating the amazing whiz-bang ideas that a full-time creative team can conjure up quickly.

The main thing here is to find an agency that specializes in what we like to call “pragmatic simplicity.” It basically means that there are only about 8-10 problems in the marketing world (really), and that while your situation is special, it’s not THAT special, and someone has done something like it before really really well. Pragmatic simplicity means you start with a playbook from a trusted agency and you customize it from there as needed. This gets you up and running quickly and affordably, and keeps your internal and external clients delighted.

If you’re interested, we happen to know of just such an agency.

Chuck Allen is a VP at Realm responsible for employee engagement and change communications. His extensive background in executive coaching and leadership has lead him to conclusions about life and work. “I work with leaders who want to leave less life on the table and build whole lives worth emulating.”

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