Realm Launches New NexTraq Lead Generation Site and Brand Messaging

NexTraq Home Page

Realm has launched a new, lead-generation site for Nextraq, a leading provider of vehicle and asset tracking solutions, as part of an overall rebranding effort following the return to private ownership. After being spun off by Fleetcor, Nextraq needed to reassert their presence in the telematics industry and quickly regain ground lost while they were a division of the larger corporation.

The new company will focus on four key pillars to deliver on their brand promise: Driver safety, visibility and productivity, mobile workforce, and maintenance & compliance. By focusing on the outcomes of the wireless technology and customer service, NexTraq is able to differentiate itself from larger competitors, like Verizon, who offer a one-size-fits all solution to mobile workforce solutions.

Site Development

The new web presence is built on the WordPress engine, connected to SalesForce and  Marketo to drive and manage lead generation.  In migrating from a previous site we created a simpler, more intuitive platform for the client to handle regular content updates.

We collaborated with the client to develop information architecture to work with how the target audiences search for data, allowing access to pertinent information through industry, service and solutions menus, as well as directly from the home page, reducing clicks to get information faster.

We assisted in crafting messaging for the newly required pages. These pages then provide links to interrelated case studies and white papers, providing a richer view of NexTraq’s experience and thought leadership, and compelling evidence of the company’s exceptional partner relationships.

Realm continues to provide ongoing maintenance for the website as part of an overall marketing solution. Since the launch, NexTraq has seen an increase in lead generation of 50% and a continuing trend upwards.


About NexTraq

NexTraq, a Michelin group company, is a part of Michelin’s Global Services and Solutions business line. A key part of Michelin’s international telematics offerings, the group boasts over 2,000 employees, serving more than 70,000 customers, with over 850,000 vehicles utilizing telematics solutions, worldwide.

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