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Jenny Burrows, Realm Creative

We’re lucky to have wildly creative people on our team, in our lives and helping us prosper. Some of them have been creative stars before they joined our team – and Jenny is one of them. On our team, she works as a pure-play creative source as well as one of the team’s art directors.  She’s been particularly good at the quirky and the weird. Which makes perfect sense when you see her side business/hobby/vocation.

In her free time, Jenny runs HowAwcard, a unique source of fun, kitchy greeting cards, made for the rest of us. The cards take a, truly, weird look at traditional greeting card needs. Truth-in-advertising, there’s a lot of swearing. Which we think makes it even more genuine! Buy a card… Buy ten cards. But certainly enjoy the variety and humor of her cards.


How Awcards


In her own words, it’s a side-hustle….

The business started off with a bang! We put some of our cards on Reddit and one of them made the front page overnight. My then-business partner and I immediately had a card business! We filled all the orders that came in over the next few weeks, and then things slowed down.

We realized we were going to have the same issues as all other small businesses. Keeping up our online presence and keeping our audience engaged. Keeping up with How Awcard’s online and social presence has been the greatest struggle. Social media is a full-time job!

You can read more here.

Jenny’s been running HowAwcard since 2012. The cards have been featured on Buzzfeed and Reddit, and have made at least 1,237 people feel awkward in some way. Next year, she’s shooting for 4,598 (which, honestly, seems like a really specific number).

You can see and buy her work on her online store


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