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Kathryn Colohan

We’re lucky to have wildly creative people on our team, in our lives and helping us prosper. But the funny thing about passionate people is their inability to contain what they love to do. This post focuses on one of our creatives, Kathryn! She serves as a creative source, an art director and an occasional writer. And we love her for that. What has caught our attention today, though, is what she is doing outside the office.

In her free time, Kathryn draws, makes prints and has curated a pretty fun and inspiring Instagram account. What has caught fire are her linoleum and and rubber block prints. Similar to wood cutting, but easier and more accessible, linoleum allows for the same effect at less cost, tools and money. What started as a hobby has progressed into a business!

In her own words, it’s a side-hustle….

Kathryn Colohan's business, NightOwlPrint
Kathryn Colohan’s business NightOwlPrint

I recently started linocut printing and am in love. The process is so hands-on and calming. If I mess up a drawing, I can fix it. If I slip in my carving, I can fix it, or start over fairly quickly. If I screw up on inking, I just move onto the next. With a one-color print, I can usually do the whole process in about 6 hours.

There’s great freedom in that speed and immediacy. At work, campaigns and project roll-outs take months to complete, which is just their nature. It’s therapeutic to sit down on a Saturday afternoon with a pencil and have a series of prints by dinner.

You can read more here.

It’s a great example of her enthusiasm, energy and creativity. It’s more than her business; it has become her personal outlet of expression. And working with unbridled creative, free to express themselves makes for a much richer environment for us all.

You can see and buy her work on her Etsy store


Night Owl Prints


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