Realm Rebrands North America’s Largest Recycler of Pallets

48forty palettes at sunset

In August of 2017, Brambles LTD announced that it would divest itself of CHEP Recycled, the pallet recycling division of the company. As such, CHEP Recycled would need a new name and brand. Realm began work developing both in collaboration with the incoming management. Within five months of the announcement, the new company was acquired by Grey Mountain Partners with a newly minted name of 48forty Solutions.

48forty logo

The new company is 48forty Solutions, the largest pallet management services company in North America. The name is as clever and quintessential as it is practical: a standard wooden pallet is 48 by 40 inches. The logotype also underscores the nature of 48forty’s business: solid, authentic, and up to the task of managing 90 million pallets a year for 2,700 customers across a variety of industries.

48forty North American Presence


The name, logo and brand identity brings the company back to its roots and the basics of palette recycling. Prior to being owned by Brambles, the company had existed as an independent corporation, known for personal, hands-on service and a commitment to customers. As our collective team re-imagined the brand, we took them back to these basics, making the brand more earthy, practical and true to the character of the regional workforces they employ.

“We wanted a brand every worker could identify with and take pride in,” says Carmen Garcia, Creative Director at Realm. “This is a blue-collar team, working outdoors with their hands. We avoided invented, consultancy-like names that would simply not connect with the culture. 48forty made perfect sense, and requires no explanation to the worker.”

Realm continues to work with 48forty in activating the brand throughout North America in a combination of external marketing and internal engagement. You can learn more about 48forty on their website and LinkedIn channels.


48forty palette painted ends

About 48forty

48forty is the largest pallet management services company in North America, with a national network of over 225 facilities, including 45 company-owned and operated plants and more than 180 affiliates.They also operate their own fleet of 4,500 trailers and nearly 300 power units, servicing customers from coast to coast. They provide end-to-end pallet solutions, from supply to retrieval, on-site services, reverse logistics, and packaging materials.


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