Welcome to our Realm, The Dairy Alliance

Welcome to Our Realm

Realm is thrilled to welcome The Dairy Alliance to our client roster. Our team will be working with the association in developing an updated digital presence. They’ve outgrown their current site and are ready for an overhaul to help them better serve their business constituency and the community at large, while they advocate for dairy farmers and the foods they produce..

And, honestly, who doesn’t shout out “Cows!” in the car on every road trip. Georgia, in particular, currently has 172 dairy farms and is home to over 77,300 dairy cows with the average farm housing 433 dairy cows.. That’s a lot of cows.

For our team, this is akin to the work we do for the Georgia Ports. These organizations help to drive our economy, providing jobs through domestic production/consumption as well as export. It’s solid marketing for a good cause.

“It’s an easy gig when you’re doing something good and helpful for an organization who’s doing something good and helpful for the community, at large,” says Eric Berrios, VP at Realm.

Most of our team is involved, in some way, with a not-for-profit. A group like the Dairy Alliance lets us scale our efforts to a much wider region.

Realm is excited to work with The Dairy Alliance to expand the group’s online footprint, drive greater understanding and adoption and help us maintain the agricultural roots of rural Georgia while we all grow a thriving economy.


About The Dairy Alliance
The Dairy Alliance is a nonprofit funded by dairy farm families of the Southeast. We work diligently with dairy farmers, retailers, schools, sports teams, health professionals, local organizations, state leaders, the media and the public to promote dairy foods and knowledge about the dairy industry. Our efforts center in nine states: Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

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